Joan Newman has graciously donated this hand-made Charlie Brown / Snoopy Quilt to Friends In Deed's Silent Auction.

Value: $125

Minimum Bid: $60



09/19/2015 12:55am

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02/19/2016 12:02am

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05/02/2016 12:56am

How generous Joan Newman is for donating this Snoopy quilt. I know that this hand- made Snoopy quilt will help many lives and that this will not be in vain. May I ask if Joan made it herself? If yes, I would love to see her other works. She may look for a valid customers through doing some exhibits and by that she can raise fund for helping other people. I know that Joan is so blessed by her talents because she is using it to help not just herself but also the lives of many.

07/25/2016 3:48am

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11/26/2016 11:39pm

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